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Our Programs

We offer a variety of programs to help you activate the full potential of your whole self: mind, body, and spirit. Whether you’re looking for an online, in-person, private, or group experience, our programs are designed to meet you where you are in your life and in the world. Through our integrated approach to pilates – which combines energy healing, movement, and coaching – we aim to align and strengthen you physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that you can feel more alive, strong, and powerful in your body and in your life.

1:1 Pilates + Coaching

Our private programs are powerful and unique to you. Tailored to your specific needs, Dynamic Core helps you connect with the natural rhythm of your body to create significant shifts in your life, both on and off the mat. You’ll be guided to get moving, make space for yourself, and practice more mindful living, all while being fully supported and grounded in your innate power. Depending on your desired level of commitment, we can work with you for six months and beyond, providing you with the tools to help you move through your every day with strength, clarity, and grace. With our private programs, you have the convenience of joining us in-person at our studio in Washington, DC or online from anywhere in the world.

Group Program

Dynamic Mama empowers you to approach motherhood with energy, strength, and alignment. This intimate program, based in DC, combines mindful movement and coaching to help you reconnect with your body, reclaim your strength, and gracefully move through the miracles of motherhood. Throughout the program, you’ll be guided to feel more confident and proud of your body, cultivate love and peace in your heart and mind, and learn how to support yourself and your baby with your strong core. You'll engage in weekly group sessions, supported by a loving and nurturing community of fellow mamas and mamas-to-be. By the end of the program, you'll feel strong, motivated, energized, and able to take on anything your dynamic life brings.

Group Program

Dynamic Woman Mastery helps you feel centered, strong, and open to receiving more love and abundance in your life. This transformative program, based in DC, moves you through three distinct phases – each designed to bring your physical body, energetic systems, and daily life into alignment. It combines physical movement, energetic healing, reflective journaling, and deep community connection with a sisterhood of like-minded women. During the course of the program, you’ll be guided to engage in reflection, sound and energy healing, and breathwork to channel your intuition in a meaningful way and create change in all areas of your life. You will feel closer to yourself and empowered to live the life you truly desire.


Your Time Is Now

Now is the time to activate the innate power that lives inside you – deep within your core. We are here to help you activate that power so that you can feel amazing in your body and energized in your life.

Schedule a complimentary Core Activation Call with Fran and begin your journey towards a stronger, more resilient you.

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