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Our bodies, our lives, and our world are constantly changing. The greatest gift you can give yourself is self-awareness: to learn your cycles, break your patterns, and discover how to best support yourself through the rhythm of your dynamic life. Attention brings intention. The more attention you bring to how you presently move through your days, the more intention you can hold for the transformation you desire. If you are ready to explore this deeper relationship with your whole self – mind, body, spirit – welcome: you are in the right place.


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Our private programs are powerful and unique to you. Tailored to your specific needs, Dynamic Core helps you connect with the natural rhythm of your body to create significant shifts in your life, both on and off the mat.

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Choose Your Unique Experience

Depending on your desired level of commitment, we can work with you for six months and beyond, providing you with the tools to help you move through your every day with strength, clarity, and grace.

Feel The Difference

In this 6-month foundational program, you will develop a new relationship with your body, building a stronger core that radiates outward and awakens your body and your life from the inside out.

See The Difference

Moving beyond the basics, this 9-month program will deepen your understanding of your body so that you can activate your core, move with strength and resilience, and better control your body. You will emerge with a new sense of calm, clarity, and confidence.

Whole Body Transformation

Offering the highest level of support, this powerful 12-month program will give you a full set of tools to achieve your goals and confidently overcome any challenges that may come your way. This will create greater long-term shifts to help you align your body and your life in the way you desire.


Map Your Transformative Journey

In any program path you choose, you’ll be guided to get moving, make space for yourself, and practice more mindful living, all while being fully supported and grounded in your innate power.

Themes we will move through together

  • Beginning Where You Are: assessing your body, rituals, and lifestyle exactly as you are and setting intentions for our work together.

  • Awakening Your Breath: learning to breathe mindfully in order to create freedom in your breath, space in your body, and peace in your spirit.

  • Reclaiming Your Pelvic Power: engaging your pelvis to release tension, build strength, and tap into a new level of pleasure and power.

  • Strengthening Your Core: connecting inward, allowing your core strength to radiate outward, throughout your body and into your life.

  • Getting Grounded + Balanced: targeting your stabilizing muscles and recentering yourself to help you move more efficiently and intentionally.

  • Moving With Strength + Resilience: mastering movement to help you experience the full expression of your body in a way that outflows into the rest of your life.

  • Reemerging With Confidence: combining everything you’ve learned and putting into practice so that you can confidently live the life you truly desire.


Join Us From Wherever You Are

With our private programs, you have the convenience of joining us in-person at our studio in Washington, DC or online from anywhere in the world.

In-Studio | Washington DC

We have limited availability for women who prefer to receive in-person guidance using traditional Pilates equipment. Our studio is located near Dupont Circle and is easily accessible for those in the DMV Area.

Online | Worldwide

Access expert knowledge and support from anywhere in the world. You’ll receive step-by-step instructions and clear guidance via Skype or FaceTime to maximize your Pilates experience and create consistency in your practice.

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Take The First Step

If you’re interested in exploring our Dynamic Core programs in more depth, schedule a complimentary Core Activation Call with Fran to discuss what’s possible. During our call, we’ll consider each program path and discuss how we might tailor them to fit your specific needs and create a personalized experience that best supports you.


LOVING Words From Dynamic Women Like You

I’ll admit I didn’t know what to expect, but Fran’s articulate instructions, compassion, and attention to my movements made me get the most out of the session. I felt just as good after the virtual sessions as I would after an in-person session .... Virtual sessions make it easier for me to find the time and my body is thankful for that.
— Megan
I love the way her sessions intelligently build on a theme – through her learning and creativity, she has a seemingly limitless supply of exercises and movements at her fingertips .... Fran will listen to you to develop a program that will have you moving, improving, learning and discovering.
Thanks to her patience, her dedication and utmost professionalism, Fran helped me regain my health, my strength, flexibility and most importantly confidence in the power and beauty of my own body. She is the best Pilates teacher I have had and a trusted healer.
— Elisa

your time is now

Schedule a complimentary Core Activation Call with Fran and begin your journey towards a stronger, more resilient you.


Your Time Is Now

Now is the time to activate the innate power that lives inside you – deep within your core. We are here to help you activate that power so that you can feel amazing in your body and energized in your life.

Schedule a complimentary Core Activation Call with Fran and begin your journey towards a stronger, more resilient you.

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