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With Fran there is always joy and a laugh not far from the surface. I love the way her sessions intelligently build on a theme – through her learning and creativity, she has a seemingly limitless supply of exercises and movements at her fingertips. If you want to be pushed, she can push you, and if you have imbalances she can help work those out too. Fran will listen to you to develop a program that will have you moving, improving, learning and discovering.
— Rowan Mestecky
Before I began Dynamic Mama, I was too busy to focus on any type of workout routine and I felt uncentered and exhausted. Thanks to Fran and this program, I now have a movement practice that I love, a balanced perspective on my life, and a more quieted mind.
— Shannon Saxon
Before working with Fran I was feeling lethargic and heavy in the mornings, was struggling against a lot of negative self-talk telling myself I was lazy, never could commit to anything, and had no discipline with creating routines and daily rituals for myself. Dynamic Woman Mastery created a safe space, a tight community of women each on a different part of their journey. Fran is a gifted guide for women exploring physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. I gained an incredible amount of self-compassion, confidence, and loving kindness toward myself and others.
— Rachel Gooze
Through my work with Fran, I reconnected with my core muscles! Our work together, over time, built some great strength – which I noticed during our sessions and in everyday movements, as well as when I felt my stomach muscles (not soft anymore!). I also built a better awareness of my movements and how they are all connected: how things going on in my feet or knee can impact how other muscles have to compensate, what that does to their strengths/weaknesses, and how it can lead to pain and/or injury.
— Alison Paul
I feel like my (pre-pregnancy) self again, and in a lot of ways, even better than my old self. I’ve seen the real world impact of listening to what would make me happy and actually saying those things out loud to the people in my life who can make it happen. I feel more confident and in control, and so much more in tune with the give and take between how I approach the world and what I get out of the world.
— Kathy Hanna
On the physical level Fran helped me protect my body from injury and guided me in healing my pelvic floor and diastasis to the best of my body’s ability. She is a total expert in this area and I know I’m in the best hands possible on this front. But alongside this what I truly value about the support Fran offers is her ability to tap into and guide the inner healing journey – in connecting with my body, my intentions, my intuition and the core of who I am and how my body and movement supports this.
— Vivian Lord
Before Dynamic Mama my mind was cluttered with back-to-work noise and my body was tense and tight from lifting the baby, carrying the baby and not stretching (or focusing on my own relaxation). Since working with Fran I have learned to focus on my core, understanding how to pull in my energy and strengthen different sections of my body, isolating muscles I didn’t even know were tight! Yes, this is a great class to get your body to feel like it’s ‘yours’ again!
— jennifer briggs

Your Time Is Now

Now is the time to activate the innate power that lives inside you – deep within your core. We are here to help you activate that power so that you can feel amazing in your body and energized in your life.

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