How Full Is Your Tank? (A Quiz + An Opportunity)


There's a pattern I’ve seen a lot of lately, that’s rampant among the women I talk to. It’s the tendency to not allow yourself to be all the way filled up.

You know how when you’re on an airplane and you’re instructed to put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others?

And in an emergency, that most likely would be the action that you would take.

But what about in your everyday life, which may or may not feel like there are lots of mini crises that you are managing?

Are you getting your needs met? Are you being nourished? Are you getting filled up?

Mother Teresa said: “To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.”

This can be said of many things: To keep a car running you have to keep filling the gas tank. To keep hydrated you have to keep filling your glass.

What I’ve been observing goes beyond the optimistic or pessimistic thinking patterns of seeing a glass half full or half empty.

It has to do with your relationship to the sensing and knowing that you need to fill your tank, the act of filling your tank up, the threshold by which you measure when it’s time to fill your tank and how much you fill it up.

With a car that you’re driving - you may go ahead and fill the gas tank to full when you’re at the pump.

But how about with yourself?

Read through these three examples to see which resonates and where you fall on this spectrum:

  • Running on Empty: Is your tank almost always close to running on fumes? Is your threshold the belief that you can survive scraping by, often running behind or late, and barely having energy to meet all your needs? You might choose to focus on the needs of your loved ones first and hardly ever get to tend to yourself. Just resting enough to make it through the next day, and reaching for whatever is handy and quick to nourish yourself.

  • Tank Half Full: Do you feel comfortable as long as you know you have enough reserve to make do, and there is no need to have more than enough? Do you find yourself having exactly enough energy, presence, spirit, stamina and resilience to take care of your responsibilities  and your self? Everything fits together just so - but there isn’t much room for surprises and spontaneity or a buffer to accommodate changes. And when there is a shift, it often means that something that you had been counting on for yourself gets put to the back burner.

  • Filled Up: Do you feel that you are regularly filled up with a full tank? In fact, is your tank easily filled, trusting that there is more than enough available? Your threshold is being able to sense when you need to fill up, and have faith that you’ll get filled up all the way when you need to. You might move through your everyday feeling that there is plenty of breathing room, and you may even have some extra energy to spend. You can hear and honor your body wisdom around where you may be leaking energy or need to retain more.

Wherever you may fall on this spectrum, what I’ve seen is that it is so common to get used to where you are, and that way of being becomes familiar. Even if it feels uncomfortable to experience it, it is more comfortable to stay in this behavior because you don’t know what it is like to experience having a tank that is full, and you may believe that to have your tank be any fuller than where you are right now means that you would have to give more to get more, and you don’t feel like you’ve got any more to give.

But that idea of having to “give more to get more” is not the case.

If you didn’t always have to keep an eye on running empty, imagine what energy would be freed up for you, where you would be able to put your focus and attention.

If you had a full tank, where would you go? What would you do? How would that feel?

If you trusted that you would get filled up and again get filled up, and had simple tools, practices, and boundaries in place that gave you faith and helped you feel filled up, imagine what would be possible.

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Fran Darnell