What Have You Been Tolerating?


I know it can be so easy to have the best of intentions to make shifts in your life towards feeling fulfilled and getting your needs met, but you then once again find yourself feeling lower than you want to, overworking or over giving of yourself, being dehydrated and hangry because you didn’t get to feed yourself, being worked up in knots in your heart/mind/stomach about someone else and taking over responsibility.

Are those the kinds of things you’re tolerating in your life?

Can we agree that it’s probably time to let go of these habits?

If you REALLY want to make a shift, and you want it to stick, it takes practice - and above all else - it takes a new feeling. You have to feel the different feeling to know what to choose and what to embody and carry that body memory with you so that you know where to align your self.

In Pilates you build muscle memory - strengthening small and large muscle groups to support your posture - and as you build this muscle memory you are also building body memory of listening to and taking care of your needs, of receiving pleasure from feeling good and breathing deeply, of holding space for yourself and developing boundaries.

In Dynamic Woman Mastery we take these body memories one step further - building and practicing and mastering how you want to feel showing up in your life. Nurturing yourself and others more, cultivating even more of a sense and mindset of abundance, standing for yourself, embodying your confidence and worth, upholding boundaries with love and compassion, saying no so you can say yes to what you truly want.

There are a few spots open in Dynamic Woman Mastery, and we begin our journey on Nov 18th. It’s not too late to step in and say yes to yourself and what you really desire to experience in your life.

Now is the time for any woman who wants to feel stronger and more resilient physically and in herself, who is looking to be doing more movement, re-grounding/centering herself, and connecting to her inner power, to talk with me about joining.

Click here to schedule a time to speak with me and see what having a personal Pilates instructor, life coach, and community of support all wrapped into one sweet package can do for you.

Imagine feeling more confident, centered, strong, and even more open to being able to receive more love and goodness in your life.

This is my wish for you. Let’s talk, and explore what’s possible if you are really fulfilled, activated, and thriving.


p.s. I know it’s easy to put this on the backburner. If you ignore your inner calling, procrastinate, or don’t make space for this now, imagine 6 months from now... where will you be in your energy, your life, your health, your spirit?

Join Dynamic Woman Mastery to truly love yourself through the transformation that you desire to create for your self, your body, and your life.

Fran Darnell