Is Your Movement Practice Serving You as Much as It Could?


Sometimes clients will say that Pilates is just as much a workout for their mind as it is for their body, given all the things there are to pay attention to.

(And feel free to insert another movement modality in place of Pilates if you’re not currently practicing. My focus is Pilates, but really this applies to a range of movements!)

Here’s how I see it:

Pilates is a practice of making a body memory by concentrating on present moment awareness.

As you breathe and are balancing through the movements, Pilates requires you to concentrate on the specific actions while being aware of your whole self.

Your ability to stay focused in the moment and cultivate this over the entire Pilates session really matters.

It’s not just about the physical movement that you’re doing on the outside. Pilates happens on the inside through how you focus, sense, and guide yourself. How you are able to pay attention makes an impact on how you are moving through the exercises and how you’re moving through your life.

With all of the information we consume every day, the stimulation we receive, and the things you have to keep track of in your life, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, mentally fatigued, and stuck in patterns of thinking.

Bringing your attention to awareness of the present moment unfolds new choices, room for possibilities to arise, positive shifts in your inner thoughts, and more confidence, clarity and strength in your mind, spirit, and body. Concerted awareness is key if you’re ready to take your health, your life, your work, your relationships to another level of strength, joy, freedom and ease.

I invite you to take the present moment awareness of Pilates into your life.

Instead of rushing on auto-pilot to accomplish five things at once, see if you can focus on one movement at a time:

Being present and enjoying the moment by stepping away from work for a few minutes, breathing fresh air, taking a short walk, or noticing how the movement uplifts you.

As you feel the sun on your face, notice the change in temperature, take in the shift in the leaves on the trees and the signs of fall, you are shifting your mood and energy through your own awareness.

And that is the real purpose of Pilates, in my opinion.

Are you making the most of your movement practice?

Awareness in our physical practice - as well as in our daily lives - is something we explore in depth in my Dynamic Woman Mastery program, which is currently open for registration.

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Fran Darnell