Honestly, How Are You Feeling?


How are you feeling?

I myself have been feeling really tender in my heart, a wave of exhaustion, and the vital necessity of my practices for tending to and grounding myself.

With the all that is happening in the world both near and afar, from devastating man-made and natural disasters, to violence and unrest nationally and abroad, it can feel like there’s barely room to take a breath. I have been hearing from clients and friends that they have felt different levels of feeling drained emotionally, physically, and energetically.

My heart goes out to those of you who have been personally impacted. And even if you haven’t been directly affected I sense that this feeling of drain & depletion may be touching you too.

I was hesitant about reaching out because I was feeling that this isn’t the time to be sharing offerings with you, but I can feel in my core that this actually IS THE TIME because it’s vital for each of us to take deep care of ourselves, to get grounded, and support yourself to sustainably handle the stress of what is happening in your life, close to home, and out in the world.

If you want to make positive change however big or small in your life, your body, or the world you are going to need something from within yourself to draw upon.

In a life that demands so much of us as women, often, we are pulled in many directions, exhausted thinking about all there is to do, feeling like we aren’t doing enough, and getting wrapped up in the mind. It’s challenging to feel well, grounded, calm, and centered in the body. And if you are like a majority of people you may feel moments of letting go of stress, but they are fleeting, and you desire more of this simple pleasure in your daily experience. 

Does this feel familiar? This is the cycle of depletion.

It’s a pattern that too many of us live with. It exhausts your energy, and diminishes your feeling of value and power in your life. And it keeps your focus swirling around in your mind rather than really being in your body in your life.

The world needs you as your most centered and grounded self. Your loved ones need you. You need you. It starts with how you relate to your body.

Saturday October 14th, I’m leading a free workshop in DC to help you break the cycle of depletion - juice up your ability to receive the goodness in life, feel grounded & centered in your body, energy, and life.

I’d love to have you join us. You can sign up here: http://bit.ly/2xTN8lE

The workshop “Dynamic Woman: breaking the cycle of depletion” will walk you through a process to see what your pattern of depletion is, and learn to align the core of your self and your body through a nourishing & energizing practice of Pilates, energy work, reflective journaling, and sharing in a circle of like-minded women.

Join us to:

  • Feel renewed inspiration about possibilities and get excited about what you want to create.

  • Develop more intimacy with yourself and others.

  • Get your needs fulfilled, even when it feels like there’s no room or time.

  • Enjoy simple pleasures.

  • Grow your own vision and create something larger than you.

  • Make a shift and change in your own body, which becomes an opportunity to stand in your power when you are in leadership roles in your family, career, and beyond.

Click here to sign up for free: http://bit.ly/2xTN8lE

On Saturday, October 14th 1:30-3: 30pm we’ll gather together with like minded women at Dupont Circle Yoga 2032 P Street Northwest, Washington, DC dressed Comfortably so you can do light movement and bring a journal/notebook and pen.

Join us, forward this email to a dynamic woman in your life, bring your friends and sisters.

This workshop is my gift to you to provide you with powerful tools to nourish yourself, energize, and clarify what comes next & where you want to put your focus. I look forward to seeing you there!

Fran Darnell