Fall Is Here - Stay Grounded and Embrace Change


As we move through this transition into the Fall season, I’m thinking a lot about how seasonal transitions are a part of our bodies and life cycles as women.

The cycles of the seasons are great reminders to us of the cycles that are present in all aspects of life from the cycle of life itself, your health and wellbeing, to the cycle of relationships, projects and dreams, the menstrual cycle, and the cycle of pregnancy and birth. Connecting in with the aspects of a season and being aware of the transition of the season is a powerful tool to be able to bring more awareness, insight, and understanding to yourself, your wellbeing, and your life.

In my sessions with clients who are giving birth this fall, we have been talking about harnessing the power of aligning their pregnancy with the seasons we are in.

What do I mean by this?

Well, in pregnancy and birth, each phase corresponds to the energy of the different seasons:

  • Conception is like spring: the initiation of the new life that is to grow.  

  • The first 2 trimesters of pregnancy are like summer: a large period of growth, as your body puts energy and life into nourishing and feeding the growing fetus

  • The 3rd trimester and giving birth are like fall: where it is necessary to open up to release and let go into the big opening of birth

  • And postpartum is like winter: the inner time of rest, restoration, and quiet healing

Whether or not your experience of pregnancy and birth and postpartum are aligned with the exact seasons of the current year - the energy behind these stages of the cycle are always pertinent and hold power.

It’s not that knowing this information can control the outcome of your pregnancy or birth or life, because it is such a wild and unknown process. But to acknowledge and honor the stage of the cycle that you are in in your life, your health, and your body, gives you access to the healing and strength that lies within.

And that brings us to today -

September 22nd is the fall equinox. We are at a time in the year that is a point of transition. This is the fall equinox. There is equal amount of darkness and light and as the days now begin to become shorter the season is shifting fully from summer into the fall. It is in this transition that is a powerful time to really take in and receive where you are in your life right now, and then to look at what you want to bring into more balance.

It is a time of holding the sacred juxtaposition of both joy and sorrow. It holds the celebration of the harvest and claiming its abundance, along with the grief and release of letting go of the ways things are in this moment, and therefore being open to change.

I wanted to share a tool with you that I have been sharing with my prenatal clients who are in this phase of their pregnancy, because whether or not you’re getting ready to give birth, the wisdom and potent energy of the fall is applicable to us all.

Take a moment to connect with your breath cycle - the point of going from the full inhale to letting go of the breath. I invite you to not push the breath out of the body, but instead to just see the breath leave your body, much like watching a loved one walk out of the room. (You wouldn’t force and push the person out of the room, right? Let’s treat our breath the same and allow it leave on its own time.)

This simple exercise can take less than a minute, but the awareness it brings can support all the transitions you move through this season.

In support of your changing cycles,

Fran Darnell