This Isn't for Everyone


You know for some women going to the gym on their own, or joining a group class is exactly what they need to feel better and stronger.

But, what I find is that the women that are drawn to work with me privately are looking for so much more.

  • They want personalized support to learn how to support their emotional self through physical well-being and strength.

  • They want a guide to teach them tools and practices for managing their energy, tending to their own needs, and feeling more fulfillment.

  • They want to work on their inner dialogue to feel confident physically and emotionally.

  • They are looking to be shown exactly how to get healthier, have less pain, be able to be more active, have more energy, build muscle tone, and lose weight.

  • They want to fine tune their unique awareness & connection to their body and sense of self to have improved strength, balance, control and whole body coordination.

  • They want a mentor to help them see clearly recurring personal mental blocks, and help recognize them so they can work on them, accept them, or let them go.

  • They want a structure of time carved out for themselves that they can step into and trust will help bring them to set and maintain boundaries, build on self-care, and create their vision for themselves.

Yet, I hear from so many women the belief that they should be able to do all of this on their own, that going to a class should be enough.

If this is what you have been saying to yourself, you are not alone.

I’ve had the exact same thoughts myself.

And then I learned that feeling that you should be able to do it on your own was false.

What I have seen in my private practice is exactly what I experienced when I first began private Pilates instruction with my teacher.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and you can’t see what you can’t see.

It was eye opening what my teacher saw that I hadn’t been able to see on my own. Small tweaks in my alignment and my focus made huge differences.

Sometimes it was as subtle as where I was looking with my eyes that made a whole exercise easier or more challenging. Other times it was encouraging me to breathe if I hadn’t noticed I was holding my breath. And there were also larger concepts of encouraging me to feel the flow through all of the movement, which allowed me to feel even more the interconnections in my self.

What I have seen most from private instruction is how the personalized guidance helps make new awareness and deeper physical & personal growth because there is a conversation happening between two people.

Articulating your insights helps retain them and integrate them so much more than if they are just held in your mind.

This is one of the reasons why my private work with clients is so powerful.

What is spoken about in and around the movement makes the most profound impact that lasts long beyond the session time.

If you’re ready to feel more connected to your body and fulfillment, happiness and success in life, then let’s have a conversation.

I have spots open for Core Activation calls. This is an opportunity for us to have a complimentary conversation to explore, no strings attached, and assess how your well-being is intertwined with your mind, see where you may be currently held back in your energy and body, and get clear together on what would be possible for your strength, confidence, whole body connection, and fulfillment if we were to work together privately.

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Fran Darnell