6 Simple Steps to Strengthen Your Intuition


Do you ever feel frustrated that your schedule is packed full of things that you think you should show up for, but you really would rather not?

Or have you ever said yes to being part of something because you felt you ought to, rather than really wanting to?

Let’s look at how this might show up in your body:

  • When you’re feeling overwhelmed by all you have to get done does tension begin to grow in your neck and shoulders as you start scrunching up with anticipation and anxiety?

  • Do you particularly feel discomfort in your low back when you’re feeling overextended, rushing, and unaware of how you are carrying your pelvis or that you’re lifting things from your back rather than your legs and core?

  • Are you always leaning in, pulling your head forward out of alignment towards the person you’re talking to, or your phone or whatever you’re working on?

  • Or maybe you don’t feel any of these things, and just feel cut off from your body and only conscious of the thoughts, worries and concerns running through your mind

Listening to your body’s wisdom, listening to the sensations and sometimes discomforts that you experience is key to receiving the messages from your body and your intuition.

Intuition is listening to the authentic voice of your body - your gut instinct.

When you can see your body as your partner, a part of your wholeness, rather than something that isn’t working or is holding you back, then you can hear what your gut instinct has to say.

Rather than jumping to judge yourself for any discomfort you feel in your body, or race to workout or stretch to relieve the tension you feel, first try listening to the wisdom your body holds.

Your body and your mind are not separate... your thoughts influence your energy and behavior, and your body is holding all of this.

Trust your body. It is present in this moment, right here, right now. It is not where your thoughts are going back into the past of previous experience, or running to the future of what will happen if you do or don't do this or that.

Your body responds to what is happening now. Being aware of the response you feel in your body in the moment can give clues to what you actually want to do.

For example, if you have been wanting more time and  spaciousness in your life, but you’re receiving a request that demands your time, before saying YES or NO notice how you feel. Honor what comes up. The sensation you feel in your body and your energy can clue you into what you sense will serve you best.

Sometimes that means saying no to things, without judgment of yourself.

Try it out:

Next time an opportunity arises where an invitation or request is being made of you or your time, take a moment before you respond.

  • Breathe

  • Feel - for what you sense in your body and energy

  • Listen - to what your body wisdom and intuition tell you

  • Ask yourself - Why is this important? Let yourself receive the affirmation of how your gut instinct knows what is best for you and honor this body wisdom.

  • Be open - sometimes we can get into black and white thinking of Yes and No to things in our lives, and often there are other creative options available. Be open to possibility.

  • Speak for your needs - give your response with confidence and clarity and no need for explanation or back-story.

The more you practice this the more you can feel and honor the voice of your intuition and body wisdom - your authentic voice.

I also recognize that it’s not always easy to do this, so if you’re struggling to hear your body’s wisdom, you’re not alone! Keep practicing.

Fran Darnell