Let’s Talk About More Than Just How You Feel in Your Body


There is an interesting thing that I hear from my clients after we’ve been working together for a little while.

They tell me how they were first attracted to working together because of the holistic approach I bring to how they are feeling in their body, and then they discover that the benefits they are receiving and creating go much further than they imagined.

Through our work together you can expect to have more strength, see more tone, feel the support of your core, enjoy more ease & flexibility, and feel more connected to your body.

And where the work we do together differs from other Pilates teachers and movement practices is I do not stick strictly to only focusing on your physical body in the practice.

This holistic approach allows you to receive so much more:

You’ll learn to move past the anxieties that keep you stressed out on a daily basis.
You’ll feel more inner peace and presence in the moment.
You’ll have more focus on what you’re doing, and feel clearer on what is truly a priority.
You’ll have awareness of your body, energy, and your intuition and go from a place of feeling stuck and like there are limited options to being able to see all the choices available to you and the power you have to choose.
You’ll learn how to take up more space so that you can stand your ground with your partner, hold boundaries around the hours you work, and ask for what you really need to help you feel most nourished.

I have a sense that you’re reading this note because you are a woman who is ready to transform your life by transforming your body, and by doing so, you’re transforming who you are being.

You’re a woman who wants to feel well, in your body and in yourself – and you don’t want to leave either part out – right?

You’re a woman who knows the truth – how you feel in your body impacts how you feel in your life, and how you feel in your life impacts how you feel in your body.

If you’re really ready to make a shift and bring all of yourself to the table, then let’s talk about more than just how you feel in your body.

Join me for a private Core Activation call. This is a complimentary no strings attached opportunity for us to assess which of your energy systems are working well & which ones aren’t, the places where building more strength will make an impact on your flexibility and well-being, and on this call we will also look together at what would be possible for your strength, your flexibility, how you feel in your body, and your peace of mind when we work together. Click here to now to schedule it.


P.S. Here is what one private client of mine said about the heart, body, mind experience of working together with me:

“I look forward to my sessions as an almost sacred part of my week. I find the time centering and it forces me to focus on where I am and what I’m feeling, a body/spirit check in. I tend to run in a million directions so it is important to have this time to focus.” –Betsy Tobin

If you want this kind of sacred connection with your body & self take the time to have a Core Activation call with me now. I’m excited to talk with you!

Fran Darnell