From Stuck to Uplifted (Part 2)


Over the years I’ve adopted and guided my clients through 3 tools that are powerful forces for moving through stuck feelings and regaining a sense of uplift and control in your body, spirit, and psyche. I’m thrilled to be sharing these powerful tools with you and guiding you to integrate them into your life.

In my last post, I covered Tool #1: Awareness, which you can revisit here, and in this one we’re looking at Tool #2: Commitment.

Once you have awareness of where you are, then you can see what it is you really desire to feel, embody, and experience.

Now get clear on your commitment level to experiencing that:

  • WHY do you want this?

  • WHY is this so important?

  • What will be the result in your life?

This is a crucial step, because if you are clear on how you would want to feel and why this is so important, then you will feel more activated in your core and connected to how committed you are to making this change.

Life can so easily get in the way of your plans and best of intentions.

I have seen this time and again with clients, and the true way to create the transformation you wish to see in your body and in your life is to get connected to and activated at your core to what you want to feel and WHY.

This reminds me of my client Karen. When we first began working together she had been saying that she was feeling like she was treading water, that she wasn't able to move forward, and wasn't able to fully enjoy life. Through our private work, this part has vastly improved. She now feels that she is much better at seeing the possibilities and naming what is holding herself back from making things happen… the biggest piece being FEAR.

Fear of having a different experience, because even though where you are right now may not feel very good, it may be more familiar and comfortable than what it would be like to actually feel really good, light, positive, and free.

You may also fear that you may make the changes to feel better, but that they won’t stick, or it will go away, or that other people won’t support you in the changes that you find are necessary for yourself to feel better.

Or that you may ask for too much support that is more than you are worth or deserve.

This was one of Karen’s fears and it was keeping her committed to the state of putting everyone else first, which continued to leave her feeling unfulfilled and racing and rushing to meet everyone else’s needs.

She had created the best of intentions and goals for herself, but they just weren’t happening because she kept putting her needs to the end of her priority list.

Once we got clear together on what she would really like to be feeling, and why, she was able to see how she had been moving and living in a way that was not expressing the commitment that would yield her that result.

  • She now has a clearer sense of how if she is happy and fulfilled then everyone else around her will be more happy and fulfilled.

  • She is now able to recognize the important choice available to her to prioritize the commitment she has to how she wants to feel in her body and her life.

  • Karen now feels more in control and less like life is just happening around her.

  • Now she sees the possibilities for making time and creating time for things, like working out, being creatively expressed, getting the rest she feels she needs, as opposed to feeling stressed and rushed all the time.

  • Her energy is better and she has a better relationship with her energy...more acceptance of where her energy is on a particular day and taking care to tend to her energy, rather than feeling a stressful panicky feeling of will i never not feel tired.

Although she isn't where she wants to be physically she is able to feel the confidence that it actually is possible.

Back to you -

Where in your life do you feel you’re lacking commitment and not following through on the things you say you want for yourself?

Write them down and do so without judgment.

Fran Darnell