From Stuck to Uplifted (Part 1)


If you’re reading this you have survived the ups and downs of your life until this point. Love, heartbreak, successes, losses, trusting relationships, betrayals, healing, trauma, joy, and grief. And here you are. You go, fierce warrior. You are awesome.

Let me repeat that, YOU are awesome.

This may not resonate with you, and it may feel foreign to think of yourself as a fierce warrior. But I see you, and want to acknowledge that as life happens, sometimes stuff gets in the way of your best of intentions, and you have kept moving. As you’re reading these words I invite you to acknowledge yourself and all the ways you have picked yourself up, risen again, and taken another step.

There is this myth that our culture tells us that life always moves upwards, but life actually has ups and downs, and goes in cycles. Sometimes it may feel like a long arc of starting from one place and ending up in another like chapters of a book, and other times it may feel like the undulating rise and fall of the waves of the ocean.

Have you ever felt...

  • Like you just can’t turn the corner, and that what seemed like a little injury is now becoming a chronic pain?

  • That you’re yo-yoing between being active and thoughtful of your care of yourself and then totally neglecting & forgetting yourself and your needs?

  • That you’re weighed down by so much stress that YOU are not even making it onto your list of priorities?

If so, you’re not alone. I have heard this so many times, that feeling that one thing after another keeps piling up, making you feel like you are failing at life.

I see clients so often through that journey. Feeling stuck and held back by their health or something that is happening in their life, and with love and compassion moving through these experiences with strength and flexibility to come to a new stage.

Over the years I’ve adopted and guided my clients through 3 tools that are powerful forces for moving through stuck feelings and regaining a sense of uplift and control. Today and in the next two editions of my newsletter, I’ll be sharing these powerful tools with you and guiding you to integrate them into your life.

Here’s the first tool: Awareness.

Beginning with awareness, simply acknowledging where you are, is the first step. When you speak your truth - naming what you are experiencing, and are able to be seen in it - you then know that you are not alone. From this awareness you can then see what the habit or pattern is that you want to shift. If you can’t see it then you can’t see what you want to shift.

So take a moment and ask yourself:

How am I feeling right now? What is present for me?

I’d be honored to be your sacred witness if you feel compelled to hit reply and share!

Next time, I’ll be back with the second tool, and in the meantime, I encourage you to keep this practice of Awareness going on a daily basis.

This is one of the most powerful parts of the work I do with my private clients. Our work goes beyond just doing Pilates exercises. I really see how embodiment is healing and that this means bringing awareness to how you feel in your heart, your mind, your spirit, and your body.

If you’ve ever been curious about working with me in this way, stay tuned for my upcoming emails. In addition to gifting you my 3 tools of transformation, I’ll be sharing a special opportunity for women who are committed to really creating healing and moving through life with love, grace and strength through the transformation.

Fran Darnell