Why Your Exercise Regimen or Lack of Regimen Hasn't Worked for You


Look, if you’re going to the gym regularly or have a Pilates practice and it hasn’t worked for you...


If you set an intention of getting to the gym and only make it every 45 days, and that clearly isn’t working for you...

It isn’t you… it’s the way you have been taught to exercise.

We’ve got to dismantle the old history of what physical exercise is and build a whole new definition that includes the body, mind, and spirit.

If you’re done with feeling low energy, feeling disconnected from and off in your body - just going to the gym or going through the movements of your exercise practice isn’t going to fix it.

Yes, physical activity is one piece of what needs to be done.

But what you really need is intention combined with physical movement.

Creating a healthy body includes being able to take up space. You are not serving anybody by playing small.

If you’re ready to feel more connected to your body and fulfillment, happiness and success in life, then let’s start with how you relate to your body

Combining Pilates, energy work and coaching, I can help guide you towards more power, confidence, healing, and strength in your body and life.

This is a lot more than doing squats and feeling a connection with your core again.

Imagine seeing a huge difference in your physical body, in the way you hold yourself, in how you feel about yourself, and in how you show up in your life.

If you’re a woman who wants to truly love yourself through transformation...

If you want to reclaim your physical core, the core of who you are, and your core desires...

If you want to say yes to feeling the abundance in your life…

Let’s talk about how I can personally help get you there.

This week I have opened up my calendar for a handful of Core Activation calls, exclusive 1-1 phone sessions in which we will have a powerful conversation and get clear together on where you’re currently held back and stuck and why, what you truly desire, and how I could help you make the exact shifts in your body and lifestyle that would help you get there.

I very rarely open up my calendar for these calls and the spots fill up quickly, so click here to schedule your spot now.

It’s time to stop beating yourself up for not being where you want to be, and instead take some aligned action.

Fran Darnell