Let's Talk About Much More Than Pilates


Here’s a fun fact -

After my clients work with me for a little bit they don’t know what to call me, because the work we do together goes so much deeper than Pilates.

Of course through our work together you’ll have more strength, you’ll lose the weight you want to lose, you’ll enjoy more ease & flexibility, and feel more connected to your body, but through the process you receive and create so much more.

You’ll learn to move past the anxieties that keep you stressed out on a daily basis. You’ll feel more inner peace and presence in the moment. You’ll have more focus on what you’re doing, and feel clearer on what is truly a priority. You’ll have awareness of your body, energy, and your intuition and go from a place of feeling stuck and like there are limited options to being able to see all the choices available to you and the power you have to choose. You’ll learn how to take up more space so that you can stand your ground with your partner, hold boundaries around the hours you work, and ask for a raise at work.

Yes there are some Pilates teachers out there that stick strictly to only focusing on your physical body in the practice, but that is not what I do, and not why you’re reading this note.

You’re reading this note because you are a woman who is ready to transform your life by transforming your body, and by doing so, you’re transforming who you are being.

Because if you just focus on losing the inches, getting rid of tension, or strengthening your core without the inner work then you are missing out on the important fact that there is the physical posture that you hold and the posture of who you are being, and they are related. If you do one without the other, then. Let’s be honest. The inches will only stay off for so long and the tension will only release for the short term, or if you keep off the inches & release the tension, you won’t be able to fully embody who you are.

You’re a woman who wants to feel well, in your body and in yourself - and you don’t want to leave either part out - right? If you’re really ready to make a shift and bring all of yourself to the table, then let’s talk.

I have time next week to have Core Activation calls, where we will have a powerful conversation and get clear together on where you’re currently held back and stuck, and what would be possible for you in working together privately with me.

These spots fill up quickly, so click here now to schedule a time to speak.

Fran Darnell