Are You Living Out of Habit or Intent? Plus, BIG News!


First of all... BIG news!

If you’ve been interested in my Dynamic Woman Mastery program, you’re in luck! I’ve got FOUR spots left in the program, and for just a few days ONLY I’ll be opening times to speak with me and apply. More on that shortly.

Next, I have an important question for you:

Are you living out of habit or intent?

When you are living out of habit you are simply reacting to what happens around you, which results in conflict, leaking energy, feeling obligated, and lacking confidence. It draws you into your mind and out of being connected to your body.

When you are living out of intent you are guided to check in with how you feel, to stay embodied, and choose how to respond. It allows you to move through life’s ups and downs with presence, grace, strength, and compassion for yourself and for others. Wouldn’t more of THAT be great?

Here are some hints that you’re living out of habit. You might feel:

  • Stressed, leaving you defeated and depressed

  • Unhealthy, unhappy, and less patient & understanding with loved ones and co-workers

  • Exhausted, depleted, and drained from saying YES too much when you really want to say NO

  • Guilty for taking time for yourself

If this is what you have been experiencing, too, I want you to know you are not alone.

And I want you to know this doesn’t have to be your norm.

It is absolutely possible to be embodied in your life - moving through all the ups and downs with presence, grace, strength, and compassion for yourself and for others.

This is why I have designed the Dynamic Woman Mastery program to be a total game changer for your outlook and your energy. This 6-month program walks you through the process of making powerful shifts in your life and health, while also strengthening your body and creating more space for YOU.

We begin in just a few weeks on March 18th! Want to see if it might be the game-changer for YOU in 2017?

Click here now to schedule a time to speak with me about joining: Dynamic Woman Mastery.

This intimate, 6-month program is based on the principle that when you start to connect to your body, discover your physical strength, and learn how to stand tall and move with grace, you are then able to move strongly, powerfully and gracefully in all areas of your life.

It’s delivered in the format of 6 monthly group intensives where the longer session time gives the time and space to go further in connecting with your body and the core of who you are. And then 15 weekly developing group sessions that combine mindful movement, Pilates, & empowerment coaching to keep developing your core strength through more physical practice and carrying forward focus on how you’re moving through the month.

It’s designed to guide you to…

  • Minimize anxiety and overwhelm.

  • Set boundaries in a loving way so that you can take back your time and energy.

  • Develop more intimacy with yourself and others.

  • Feel confident, integrated and whole.

  • Make a shift and change in your own body, which becomes an opportunity to stand in your power when you are in leadership roles in your family, career, and beyond.   

From my years of guiding and mentoring women, I know that having committed time and space for yourself is critical to helping you make lasting change.

I also know that you are not meant to do this alone.

Join a circle of women with whom you can share your journey, learn from one another in your sharing, listening, and support each other’s process to make powerful, lasting changes in your life.

Will you say YES to supporting yourself, honoring your sacred body and honoring your desires for your life?

Fran Darnell