Does This Phrase Come Out of Your Mouth Often?


“Oh, I can’t do that, I’m too busy.”

“I wish I could, but I am tired.”

Is this a common phrase that goes through your mind when an opportunity or invitation arises? Do you find yourself saying this to people in response to them asking for something from you?

Whether you find yourself saying it aloud or it’s showing up in your internal dialogue, it can be life-changing to check in and figure out what the message is underneath those words: what are you truly feeling, and what do you really need?

Being too busy or too tired has become socially accepted and, in fact, celebrated. I often hear from clients the held beliefs of the idea that you should be doing more, squeezing the last ounces of energy out of yourself, and that having spaciousness or energy is being lazy, unproductive, and is just unacceptable.

Here's a suggestion for you this week - 

What if you were to remove "too busy" and "tired" from your dialogue?

Think about what you might say instead, what's really at the core of the “too busy and tired” feeling. This could help illuminate how you can really take care of yourself in your own power.

The next time these words “too busy” and “tired” come to mind, ask yourself what’s underneath them:

  • Do you not want to do whatever you were talking about?

  • What do you actually need?

  • Are you craving a moment by yourself, maybe some time and space to breath, rest, move your body?

Understanding resistances and what's underneath them will guide you to the real truth of what will nourish and nurture you, rather than what society says it should be.

There’s a child within each of us who wants to be taken care of. It might be nice to imagine someone else figuring out what you need and provide it to you, but only you know what you need. Your intuition can guide you, and listening to how you feel in your body can guide you.

Fran Darnell