How to Decide to Achieve...


Here in NYC we are having some cooler fall weather, and I am really feeling the beginning of a new season.

Whenever we have the transition between seasons it is a great time to take a moment to pause and set an intention for what you would like to accomplish in the coming months.

The transition from summer to fall is an important one.

It is a big shift to go from a time of play to a time of harvest and then letting go. The fall can also be a much busier time with a return to full schedules, a faster pace, and many holidays ahead.

It is important to set yourself up for success by deciding what you would like to achieve.

This is the season to harvest the bounty of fruits and vegetables - and so it is also a season to take stock of the most supportive habits and self-care that you practiced over the summer to keep it up in the months ahead.

As you return to busier schedules with school and work in the fall it can be easy to be overstimulated with this change in your routine.

So take a moment now to learn from your good habits from the past 3 months to help yourself develop a healthy rhythm for you.

Your invitation: This week, begin to establish a regular routine.

Give yourself permission to take some time for yourself this week to slow down. Reflect on what habits served you well over the summer that you would like to keep up.

Maybe you allowed yourself more time for exercise & being active? Were you spending time with friends and family outdoors?

Then ask yourself the following questions to help yourself let go of what doesn't serve you. This will help you develop a good routine for sleep, eating, working, resting, and exercising this fall.

Ask yourself:

  • I feel my best when I wake up at ______ and go to sleep at ______.

  • I am most energized by working out at this time _______ on these days _______.

  • I feel best when I unplug from my computer & phone at this time ____.

  • I feel most creative and productive at this time of day _______.

Assess what makes you feel the best & then determine what changes you need to make to help you achieve your goals.

I know that for myself I am finally learning that I feel my best when I get 8 hours of sleep. Now I can see what changes I need to make to ensure I get good quality rest as a part of my regular routine.

By letting go of old habits that don't serve you - I hope that you too can feel more free to take the action steps towards where you'd like to be!

Fran Darnell