The Key to Keeping Up Your Workouts


The Fall can be a time of transitions in to new schedules. It is also a time when self-care can be an afterthought.

~ Do you ever struggle to stay in a routine of working out?
~ Do you find yourself making excuses about how exercising is taking time away from your friends and family?
~ Do you feel guilty to be taking the time for yourself?

If you said Yes to any of the above - you are not alone.

These are common challenges. But how do you break through the excuses and guilt to really be consistent?

The truth is you begin before the workout.

Two weeks ago a 64-year-old woman, Diana Nyad, was the first person to successfully swim from Cuba to Florida without any shark tanks.

How she was able to accomplish this is an incredible example of the key to keeping up your workouts and banishing the guilt.

When Nyad reached the shore of Key West, Florida she made a short statement to all of the world:

"1. We should never ever give up! 2. You never are too old to chase your dreams. 3. It looks like a solitary sport but its a team."

It is true that your dreams and your resolve are really important, but the number one key to being consistent is your support team.

~ The people who know your dreams can help you keep accountable.
~ The person who supports you assists you in staying focused and on track.
~ The people on your team cheer you on and encourage you by celebrating your progress.

And what is even more important, is that for these people on your support team the greatest gift you can give them is to take time for yourself for self-care and working out.

Your invitation:

Ask yourself: Who are the people on your support team?

Is it your partner who watches the kids while you step out for a workout? Is it your trainer who helps lead you through a routine? Is it your friend who motivates you to go to class?

- Make a list of the key people who help you in being consistent with your self-care goals.
- Take note of the people that you could share your goals with to help you be more consistent.
- Ask these people to support you. Tell them your goals & explain to them how they could help you!

Speaking up for your needs helps to clear the air of any bad feelings and inspires a whole new possibility for how things can be.

If you are really ready for a deep transformation and are feeling the need of more guidance in your workouts & accountability, then check out the Dynamic Woman series.

I am excited for what is possible for you when you have the support of your team to help you reach your goals. Who is on your team?

Fran Darnell