How Do You See Yourself?


A particular soap ad this spring had a lot of people buzzing about the fact that many women are very critical of themselves and often do not see their whole beauty that others see in them.

I was recently walking down the street in NYC and was reminded of this when I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that said “I’m Awesome” on the front of it.

At first I thought that is pretty awesome that he sees himself as awesome. Then I thought, that guy may believe he is awesome, but why be so bold to be wearing a t-shirt like that. Isn't it kind of over-the-top to have it written on his chest for everyone to see?

But then it struck me, we all are walking around embodying our beliefs of ourselves - whether we have it written on our chest or not.

What we believe of ourselves leads to the actions that we take and ultimately who we are.

Frank Sinatra sang, “You’re too marvelous for words!”

I believe this is true: we each have incredible ability within of us to be any spectrum of ways of being.

The truth is - You are truly unique.

You are the only person that can really know yourself.

When you look in the mirror what do you wish to see, how do you wish to feel? What you belief and think of yourself will inspire the actions you take to support being how you wish to be.

That is pretty powerful that the transformation of your workout begins long before you make it to your Pilates session or the gym. It begins with how you see yourself.

Your invitation: This week, try on a belief in yourself and step into what you really desire.

Today, set an intention for how you want to be. Then practice this statement and reconnect to it during your day. A great time to connect in with your intention is when you are working out!

For example:
You want to be flexible.

Say to yourself:
I am flexible. My vision is clear. I will take action. It’s my time to be flexible.

Or maybe you want to increase your strength:

I am strong. My vision is clear. I will take action. It’s my time to be strong.

Last week I went Stand Up Paddle boarding and practiced Yoga on the board in the middle of the Potomac River. My intention during the session was to be playful - to not be too concerned about doing things perfectly.

It was really fun and challenging. My intention during the class was to practice seeing myself as playful, taking action playfully, and take that time to be playful. I laughed a lot and really had a great time playing :)

What is your goal? How do you wish to see yourself and be more of in your life?!

Fran Darnell