What to Do When You Don't Feel Like You Have Enough Time


When you are feeling tight on time, is your self-care one of the first things to go?

Do you feel like taking time for yourself is selfish?

This week I invite you to be fiercely selfish, and make time to take care of your self first.

Think of this in terms of putting on your oxygen mask on an airplane. You need to make sure you put on your mask first, and that you can breath before you can help others.

So, begin this week by checking in and seeing what your wishes are to take care of yourself and soak up the last moments of summer.

With the end of August approaching there is an anticipation of fall in the air. This is a time of many transitions. The hot days & slower rhythm of summer gives way to the crisp fall weather and a busy time full of new projects, return to school, and full work schedules.

The final days of summer can feel bittersweet as you may be regretting not having accomplished some things you were longing to do.

It can be really easy to get swept up in the things that you need to check off your to do list and begin to feel like there isn’t enough time.  When you're in the fog of feeling frenzied, it's common to put yourself on the back burner to have time for the things that you feel need to get done.

Here’s the thing: Taking time for yourself is actually a gift to everyone else. 

When you do the things that make you feel whole, energized, and inspired then you show up in your relationships, work, and life with more of you and the special gift that you bring to the world.

Your invitation: Take time for yourself this week. Give yourself permission to be selfish, and here are a few things that you can do to soak up these last juicy days of summer:

  • Connect with nature ~ Watch the sunrise/sunset/moon rise

  • Have a picnic with your family or friends

  • Go for a walk with girlfriends

  • Spend a day at the beach, lake, pool, or by the river

  • Check in with yourself about 1 thing that really means summer for you that you would like to do before the season’s end - maybe it is simply eating a ripe nectarine and letting the juices run down your chin and arms :)

I hope that this helps you ease into the transition to fall by taking some time for yourself to live in the moment in the way you desire, and enjoying the energy and color of the season.

I'm being fiercely selfish this week and taking some time for myself to go down to DC. I'm looking forward to checking off some of the things on my summer wish list, including - trying Stand Up Paddle board Yoga!

Fran Darnell