Fresh Start: Set Yourself Up For Spring


Over the past month, I have had the honor of speaking about Aligning your Body & your Core Desires to 3 different groups of women & new mamas in NY and in DC.

It has been an honor to witness the shifts in people's bodies as well as hear how transformative it was for them to attend the talks.

I absolutely love seeing the inner and outer changes that can happen when you have the space to breathe, move with intention, and connect inwards.

It is these exact practices that I have turned to over the past few months to be able to train for and complete my NYC 1/2 marathon in honor of my mom with the Athletes to End Alzheimer's team, as well as simultaneously prepare my life and my business to move to DC!

Each step I have taken in my training runs as well as my race, and in my conversations and actions around my move have carried a very powerful intention.

I knew that training for a 1/2 marathon and moving from NY after 12 years would not be any easy or comfortable thing to accomplish. I found it helpful to focus on taking one step after another & each accumulative step brought me to the realization of my goal.

Thank you everyone for your generous support & contributions for my 1/2 marathon. I successfully completed the race on Sunday, March 16th and I surpassed my fundraising goal!

I had set the intention that I wanted my move to DC to be an expansion while staying deeply connected to myself and my community.

I am happy to say that I arrived safely to DC this weekend. I am settling into my new home with Eddy & I am so excited to get to know the community here.

I am also thrilled to keep working with many of my current clients as well as some new clients in NYC through virtual private sessions from the convenience of their home. I am so honored to be able to continue to support and guide these incredible women to feel stronger inside and out!

As you are in the transition from the winter into spring, I know that you want to step closer to what you desire for yourself.

Right now is a powerful juncture to tap into what you envision for yourself in spring and the rest of 2014.

My invitation to you this week is a special 3-step practice.

1. Take a moment to sit and breathe and ask yourself:

  • What do you truly desire for yourself and your body as you move into the spring and the rest of 2014?

2. Go for a 5-minute walk outside. Observe as you are walking for the 1st signs of growth and spring. Take note of the small buds on the trees or bushes. Look for the small stems of flowers breaking through the surface of the earth. Acknowledge the effort of these plants to bud, and grow anew. Walk silently, aware of your breathing, holding in your mind your core desire for yourself and your body.

3. Return inside and journal about what came up for you on your walk. Ask yourself this question:

  • What 3-5 practices/rituals will help you quietly gather energy and with each day, bring what you vision into reality?

Wishing you a wonderful spring and radiant health,

Fran Darnell