How to Diminish the Health Hazards of Sitting


As you are reading this - are you sitting? If so, keep reading and see how you can support yourself on a deeper level. If not, you may want to sit down for this!

As a culture we spend most of our day seated:

  • in front of your computer

  • on the floor with your kids

  • behind the steering wheel of your car

  • getting where you need to go on the train, the bus, or the plane

  • while you eat your meal

  • as a busy mama nursing or pumping

  • binging on TV

  • or in between tasks

The likelihood is that you spend a lot of time on your tush!

These days we spend a large portion of our waking life seated - so read on below to learn how to fix how you sit & diminish the health hazards of sitting.

My invitation to you this week:

Pay attention to how you sit. The first step to making change is to build your awareness. Then you can begin to adjust your positioning every time you become aware of how you are sitting.

Check in with yourself now. What is your seated posture? Are your legs crossed? Are you sitting back into your seat? Are you rotating or twisting your body to one side?

Make a mental note of how you feel sitting now & then practice the tips in this post. Let me know what you notice!

Fran Darnell