How's Your Alignment?


With the 1st of October tomorrow, I find myself making a wish-list of all the things that I'd love to do this Fall. This is my favorite season in NYC.

I've already been aligning with the season by eating less raw & more cooked foods, pulling out my boots, and taking time to balance all of the running I'm doing with a more restorative Pilates practice.

In my work with my clients our sessions focus on aligning your body while doing exercises.

This is so important because when your body is out of balance you put wear & tear on joints, strain muscles, feel exhausted, and can create more tension.

With proper adjustments I am able to guide my clients out of pain & tension.

They soon discover that moving in harmony with their body really supports their efforts!

Just like if you think of aligning the tires on your car - when they are balanced the car runs better, drives straighter, and uses gas more efficiently.

When your body is in the correct position then you aim yourself more clearly in your actions, you are able to do things in less time, and use less energy.

When you are in alignment - you're faster, more energetic, and have more ease and joy!

That's right: you have more joy. You will feel happier. When you are in proper alignment you are literally coming into agreement with yourself and that feels really good!

So, I like to take this further - outside of the studio and off of the mat.

Because this truly is about more than having good posture.

When you are in alignment in your body - it inspires creating alignment in other areas of your life.

It's important to know what you are aiming for.

My invitation to you this week:

Make a list of what you wish to aim for this season.

It may include activities, exercise that aligns your body, or particular goals that are coming up for you right now.

I encourage you to take advantage of connecting to the rhythm of the environment. It is extremely powerful to be in touch with the cycles of the earth and be aligned with nature.

Here is my list for an example:

  • apple picking

  • learn a new squash recipe

  • go for a fall hike

  • rise with the sunrise

  • watch the sunset

  • have a movie night with friends

  • go wine tasting

I'd love to hear what you're aiming for!

If you'd like to feel in better alignment in your body & your life then simply hit reply to this email and let me know! We can set up a complimentary Core Activation Call where we can connect to get clear on where you'd like to be, what's been holding you back and how I can help! I have 4 spots open for calls this October.

I love helping people tune up their bodies and how that radiates out into their life. I look forward to connecting soon!

Fran Darnell