Retreat and Rejuvenate Yourself Anywhere


I'm in North Carolina in a retreat for two days. I am so looking forward to taking the time to center in and focus on myself, my work and what I am creating to serve and your dynamic core.

I have been thinking about the importance of taking a retreat & want to take a moment to share it with you.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I find that it can be challenging to step out of my normal routine.

Do you overlook taking dedicated time for yourself to move inward?

Do you let the rhythm of your everyday life take precedence over being still?

I was reminded of this when I was traveling down to NC yesterday. I met a woman and her 1 year old son. He had this amazing infectious laugh as he was happily watching a video of Yo Gabba Gabba, which if you are a dynamic mama you are probably very familiar with! If you don't know of it Yo Gabba Gabba is a very colorful and fun tv show for kids.

The little boy was watching a video that played a game called "Hold Still." The game was to dance around and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle and then when they said HOLD STILL you had to stand still.

It was so sweet to see that even at 1 years old he was following the instructions of the busy dancing and wiggling and then also staying very still.

It struck me that it is so helpful to be guided (and sometimes taught) to still your body and mind.

It also reminded me taking a retreat doesn't necessarily mean that you need to hop on a plane and go away somewhere. 

You can provide yourself the space for retreat to rest and rejuvenate anywhere - even if only for short moments.

A retreat can be time for you to center through:
- meditation
- a Pilates session
- a massage
- a candle lit shower
- a walk outside

In my private sessions I love holding the space for my clients to dive deep into their workout guiding them through movement and having an hour to themselves.

This time is so important to connect to yourself, to center - to feel refreshed, aligned, strong and more confident.

My invitation to you this week:

Schedule a sacred date with yourself.

Set aside time to move your body, do some tender self-care, to rest, relax and give yourself what you really desire.

If you feel called to have a ritual of dedicated time for yourself through private sessions let's connect about working together! It would be my honor to help you support yourself on a deeper level regularly.

Wishing you radiant health!

Fran Darnell