Moving Beyond Fear to Stay Fit


Do you ever wonder what is safe or unsafe movement? Are you ever afraid of doing exercises that are not okay for you to be doing?

I have been hearing this come up a lot in my Core Activation calls lately.

Recently I’ve been speaking with women about how to move past what is holding them back from being where they want to be in their body and well being.

Something that seems to be holding a lot of people back is a fear around not knowing what kind of exercises is safe to be doing.

I’ve been talking to a lot of pregnant women and hearing so many concerns and confusion.

They are:
Concerned about getting back in shape
Cautious about doing something that isn’t safe for them and their baby
Confused about what you can and can’t do during pregnancy
Concentrated on being physically and mentally strong for the endurance of labor and delivery

Whenever you are in transition and there is a lot of unknown these are are common feelings to come up.

What these women truly want to feel is calm, strong, centered, and able.

Here are the questions I keep hearing: How can I stay fit during pregnancy? Can Pilates help? Is Pilates safe during Pregnancy?

The answer is Yes, Pilates is safe during pregnancy. 

I wish more women knew that with a skilled teacher who is certified in prenatal Pilates the exercises can be modified throughout the pregnancy to meet your changing needs.

In my work I see such an incredible difference in the recovery time and the sense of well being in the mamas that I see during their pregnancy and the mamas I meet postpartum to begin their Pilates practice.

It makes me want to shout out from the rooftops that women need to know their options in Maternal care and need to be informed of support and resources that will help them through pregnancy and postpartum.

My invitation to you this week:

Let's change the world of maternal care by helping more women learn how to support their body through movement. 

Healthy, happy mamas will help to create a healthier and more peaceful world.

Check out below the tips I use to help the Dynamic Mamas-to-be!

If someone you know or love is pregnant please pass this on to them.

I am also proud to be presenting once again about Pilates and Fertility this November.

I am very passionate about helping more women have more comfortable pregnancies, easier labor and delivery and quicker recovery postpartum. I have met too many mamas who could have benefited from this information before they gave birth.

Let's help give peace of mind to women about what is safe exercise for Pregnancy.

Wishing you radiant health!

Fran Darnell