How to Organize Your Priorities by Listening to Your Body


Have you ever felt stressed when you think about ALL the tasks and obligations you have hanging over your head?

A client came to me with this concern and I took her through a powerful process of clarification and organization, which I’d love to share with you today.

Feeling overwhelmed where to start, she had several things that needed to be taken care of, and was resisting them because of emotions tangled up within them.

Here’s the process I took her through.

Step one: do a mental brain dump.

We hold so much in ourselves and our body, and a cause of stress can be trying to hold in your mind and keep track of all of the important things you need to do. So the first step is to dump them out of your brain and onto the page. Go ahead, grab a piece of paper! Start writing everything down. Capture what needs to be done, the big, the small, inner pieces and outer.

Once you see them on the page, you may feel clear on what you need to do and get into action. But, you also may identify with feeling some resistance, and be inclined to feel like a) there isn’t enough time to get all of this done and be defeated before even starting, or b) there may be underlying feelings leading you to feel stuck not take action on the item.

Step two: untangle your emotions.

You might normally do to-do tasks (or see an item repeatedly being on your revised to-do list and never checking it off), but not acknowledge emotions tied up in them. It is really common to feel a myriad of feelings tied to objects, people, actions, and behaviors. If you think of your to-do list and all your feelings as a jumble of tangled cords that you want to get organized, you’d have to take the time to sort through, and gently untangle and untie them so that they are free, separate, and each one clearly its own thing.

That’s what you want to do here. See and then untangle some of the emotions tied to the things you feel the need to get done. In the process you may get clear on what would support you to feel less stress about it, to choose how you want to feel as you do the task, and help you get it done.

As you look at your list of things to do, notice what you feel in your body with each one.

Practice looking at an item, close your eyes, notice what you feel in your body, what sensation you have, where is it, and notice what thoughts or feelings come up.

Now that you’ve gone through and done your mental and emotional brain dump, then you can see clearly what actions need to be taken first, and place precedence on those, putting those in place first.

Let’s face it, if you have a long to-do list, even doing this exercise might feel challenging. But here’s something that will keep you accountable: set up a Core Activation Call with me.

Imagine having someone by your side to sort through the tangle of to-do’s and emotions that are keeping you stuck. I’ll help you identify exactly what’s holding you back, what you desire, and how my support could be the key that unlocks your path there.

Fran Darnell