Do You Have Space Being Held for You?


We’ve all had space held for us at one point or another in our lives.

Space to be, to develop, to learn, to grow, and to discover.

From being held in the pelvic bowl of our mothers as each of us was developing in utero, to being cradled in arms, guided in classes, jobs, projects, groups, and physical activities, to receiving therapeutic support, bodywork, or counsel, to being taught and led in spiritual practices or in sacred circles.

Having space held for you simply means being in the supportive presence of someone alongside you. Knowing that you are not alone.

People can hold space for us in all different ways.

May it be a listening ear, sitting in comfortable silence, a warm embrace, or being given room to independently explore and make choices that serve us best.

Sometimes, all we need to discover our own inner wisdom is for someone else to hold the space for us to do so... to provide the container of time, to be a sacred witness, to give us the gift of being even more present with ourselves so that we can honor and hear the wisdom and guidance we hold within.

In both my private and group work with women, it is my honor and privilege to hold space in service of them hearing their body’s wisdom, making connections to their inner knowing, and being guided from the inside out to feel even more whole and connected to who they really are.

And as I deepen into this work, I’m present to the knowledge that the way that I hold space for women is a direct result of how other women have held space for me. It was by their love, their creativity, their honoring and listening to the wisdom - both within me and within them - that I discovered my own presence.

I am grateful to my mother, who has held space for me in her life, in her body, and in her heart. She has offered so much guidance through her way of being, her energy, and her spirit. Even as her Alzheimers progresses and she evolves into a new way of being, she continues to hold space for me by teaching me to be in relationship with her... just as she is now. She is holding the space for me to learn how to extend loving, mothering energy to her - as her caregiver -and how to be increasingly present, opening up even more subtle ways of connecting as old ways pass away.

I am grateful for my theater teacher, who held space for me to step into the unknown of the present moment, taught me to be guided by my intuition, and encouraged me to into fuller and braver embodiment through the characters I played. Her powerful listening taught me the importance of how we listen to ourselves and to others.

I am grateful for my business mentor, who held space for me to truly learn that energy follows energy and that I can trust myself to go where I am called. She guided me to see, know, feel and believe that I have a choice in how I live my life, in how I lead my business, in how I relate to myself, my fears and my dreams, and in how I relate to others.

I stand on the shoulders of so many women.

From both of my grandmothers - one of whom I got to know and the other who I know in spirit and through stories - to my aunt and great aunt, to my fourth grade teacher, to my college advisor, to all of the mothers of my dearest girlfriends, to my Quaker Sunday School teacher, who lovingly taught me about rite of passage rituals at the age of 13. And of course, all the dear women that I walk alongside now.

These women lift me up, teach me, inspire me, and continuously help me grow into the woman I am becoming.

Who has held space for you in this life?
Who is holding space for you now?
Is there any aspect of you that’s longing for more presence?
If so, how might you source that for yourself?

As women, it’s not only our right to have sacred space held for us, it’s our responsibility to create that opportunity for ourselves so that we can learn and flourish and grow.

Sometimes, all it takes for us to discover what we need is someone who is willing to help us listen to ourselves.

If you’re longing to connect more deeply and fully with the woman that you are, I would be honored to hold space for you as you explore what kind of support you’re needing. Click here to book a complimentary, no-strings-attached discovery call with me.

Fran Darnell