What It Really Looks Like When YOU Show Up for You


Are you receiving the support you need as a mother?

We both know you show up for so much: feeding, bathing, cuddling, teaching moments, in sickness and in health. You show up for your child, your partner, your work, your community. And yet I’m wondering, do you show up for you?

So many mothers put themselves - their healing and their wellbeing - on the back burner. There are so many of us out here living our lives for everyone else around us, plagued by the question, “What about me? How do I fit into all of this?”

What many of us don’t realize is that when we put ourselves on the back burner, it has a powerful impact on how well we’re able to show up for the people and things in our lives that we truly care about.

Your closest loved ones (and the world!) need you to show up for you. They need you to be all of who you are... showing up in your full presence with your joyous laughter, your fiery spirit, your silly play, your creative ideas, your deep empathy, your open heart, your wisdom, and your strong intuition.

They need you to be resourced, because when you are lit up from within, you light up the world around you. And in modeling for others how you wish to be related to, you show the people around you that they too can afford take up more space in their life, to have their needs met, and to be all of who they’re meant to be in this world too.

So what does it really look like when you show up for you?

  • You breathe a little deeper

  • Your mind slows down

  • You are present with your body

  • You feel more of yourself

  • You allow yourself to take up more space

  • You hear what your own needs are

  • You honor your needs

  • You provide for your needs

  • You teach others how to do the same

When you learn to mother yourself - to support yourself in the way you truly require to be supported - it revolutionizes the presence you’re able to hold in the lives of those around you... it amplifies the level of support you’re able to provide them.

When you’re able to reconnect with you, your receptors for your own needs are turned on and you follow them, teaching others to do the same.

The ripple effect of what happens when we begin to live in this wholehearted way is unfathomable; it revolutionizes our experience of the world and of the people around us.

That’s my wish for you: revolution.

No more going through the motions to just get “to the end of today” or “to the end of this workout” or “to the end of the next thing on the to do list.” No more feeling weighed down in your body and soul. No more ignoring your pain or the depletion of your energy. No more disregarding the fact that you, sacred mother, are deserving of love, support, and intimate community with other women who know what it’s like to walk this path.

Dynamic Mama is a program I've designed to support pregnant women + mothers of children up to five years old as they remember the power of community and of creating connection with themselves and their own bodies.

If you want a shift - to feel grounded, calmer, stronger, balanced, more easeful, and at peace in your mind - it is up to you to choose that reality for yourself. To call in that support. To create the space you require in your life to receive it.

It’s never too late to begin, and we aren’t meant to do it alone. This program guides mamas, week by week, as they learn to listen to their own needs, to honor them, and to begin consistently meeting them.

Show up and discover how to lift yourself up, reclaim your strength from within, and recharge your life. If you or a mom you know is ready to take powerful steps toward feeling stronger in body, mind, and spirit, I am here to guide you.

Click here to join us, and share this with a mom you know! Registration at www.dynamicmama.com closes Sunday night at midnight, and we begin next Tuesday, 10/16, in Washington, D.C.

Fran Darnell