My Wish for You Expanding Into This Year


As you are moving through the first month of 2015, I want to share with you my wish for you this year.

My Wish from me to you
Do what makes you Smile.
Go ahead, be fabulous.
SEIZE the day Soul Searcher.
FEEL GREAT, Joyful, Full of Grace.
Woman, this is your time, slow down, breath, be happy,
Be Seen.
You can Balance your Brave Big Journey
By Awakening Attitudes of Gratitude,
Peace, love + friendliness,
and Self Discovery.

In December I was walking in the woods & observing the bare trees and the exposed vines of the overgrowth arching overhead entwined around the tree branches.

It was beautiful to see what lies beneath the former green leaf landscape of the forest - which now appeared spacious and open like seeing the skeleton of a body or the frame of a house.

On my walk I came to a place where there had been some trees cleared, and what was left were the stumps of the trees that had been cut down.

It was fascinating the see inside to the core of the trees. You could see the markings of the growth from year to year as was visible in the rings.

What was interesting to see was how all of the trees had changed shape over the years.

They had all started out as perfect saplings and then over the years had responded to their environment.

The spacing of the rings and any scars showed signs of changes in the climate and any disturbances there may have been.

This reminds me of your journey in your body. 

How we shape shift and change over the years.

Sometimes your body may grow so quickly that you get stretch marks on your skin.

Sometimes you may need to have surgery or have something removed, which may leave you with a scar or a new shape.

Change is inevitable - every year there will be growth & transformation. 

You have the choice to determine what you want to fill your time & space with in your days and year. 

The way that you are living your life & responding to your environment is expressed in your body.

Do you want to choose stress, holding tension and feeling stuck?

You can choose how you will respond to the climate of your life and your surroundings.

What do you wish to embody at this point in your life?

  • Do you want to be more flexible in your body and in your way of being in life?

  • Do you want to listen to & honor your intuition?

  • Do you want to think & speak to yourself with positive thinking and loving kindness?

You will receive that which you prioritize.

I help my clients achieve this through practicing movement to awaken your body and your intuition as well as staying accountable in living aligned with your core values.

My wish for you is that you are living more fully your desires.

Reflect on what is possible for you and awaken your desires for what you want to stand for and prioritize in this year ahead.

Wishing you peace & radiant health,

Fran Darnell