The Inside Story - How to Take a Leap


I want to say thank you for all of the support that I have been receiving around my move from NYC to DC at the end of March!

It has meant so much to me to hear from so many of you in the Dynamic Core community!

One person shared with me how they really liked that I am taking a leap of faith.

This special note took me right back to my memory of the first time I launched a hang glider off of a mountaintop, and the lessons that I have learned in facing fear, having faith in myself, and declaring my vision when taking a physical leap.

You may not know that I taught hang gliding for 5 summer seasons in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I was teaching people to fly solo on sand dunes. 

This is where I first really connected to my desire to teach people how to do something that they dream of, but are not sure they can achieve. I still strive to do this with every client that I work with.

My dream is to help you connect in with your vision you have for yourself and your body and help guide you to get where you'd really like to be.

Do you have any of these fears or doubts that:

  • what you dream of is not possible

  • that you don't know how or aren't prepared

  • or you aren't sure if you really want to make the changes necessary - after-all you are feeling "comfortable" where you are now.

When I first stood on a mountain top in Virginia, with the weight of the hang glider on my shoulders, the gentle wind blowing straight in towards me, I could see the path that I would need to run down, and I could feel the lift of the hang glider from the wind - but I also could feel a deep fear and doubt running through me.

Why would I want to run off the mountain where I was standing perfectly safe?!

I share with you below what I have learned about taking the leap and how I have found it useful in getting in shape, taking on big projects in my life, and helps me feel more confident in the face of the unknown - especially at times like my big move!

I hope that this helps you find some clarity and courage in taking the steps you need to in achieving your dreams and getting closer to where you'd really like to be in your body and your life.

Taking the Leap

When you take a leap of faith you are trusting in something that you can't see in the moment or prove what the result will be.

Confirm & Affirm:

  • Receive affirmation and support

When I was first preparing to launch off of the mountain top I was not alone. I was surrounded by 3 of my teachers and so many people who loved me and were there to cheer me on.This support helped affirm for me that I was ready and would be able to do this. Having a team of support has been so incredible to help affirm me in my goals in my life, from my running coaches for the NYC 1/2 marathon and Team Athletes to End Alzheimer's, to expert guidance from my business coach in developing my work & preparing for my move. This kind of confirmation is critical in taking a leap and feeling confident.

  • Declare your intention

Before taking off into the air, it is hang gliding etiquette to yell "CLEAR" before you launch. This declaration signals to everyone around you that you are prepared and about to take off. It also means that you have assessed the situation, made sure your pathway is free, feel the conditions are right, and you are ready! Declaring your goals is a very powerful step in taking the leap towards where you would like to be. The first step is defining your goal for yourself. Once you have clarified what you want for yourself then sharing your goal with the people who are most supportive in your life will help you step forward into action. 

Stay in Action:

  • Taking small actions build up to big results

In hang gliding when you launch your hang glider you have to build up speed so that there will be enough wind moving over your wings to take off and fly. You begin launching by taking a step, then walking, then gradually building that speed up into a run. I always told my hang gliding students to keep running until you are running in the air. Keep taking the steps to support your self to where you want to be and continuing taking the steps until you really feel that you are smoothly moving forward!

  • Celebrate and enjoy that you are doing it

When I first took flight off of the mountain top I had the hugest grin on my face and was laughing, and hooting and hollering. I may have even said out loud, I'm flying! When you find yourself feeling as you always wanted to feel, or doing what you have dreamed of - celebrate it! Feel the joy of living what you have dreamed. Embrace it and know that you are doing it!

Fran Darnell