Our monthly Dynamic Woman Circle is an opportunity to extend our circle beyond the Dynamic Woman Mastery container and explore the monthly themes more deeply. It's so important to have a supportive community on this journey (and in life!), and that's why we also invite you to bring a friend to each one if you feel called.

Because each Dynamic Woman Circle is open to the Dynamic Core community, it's important to RSVP now so that we have a sense of who's coming and how many additional spots are available.

You can learn more about each month’s theme + RSVP below.



6/7 • 7/12 • 8/2 • 9/6 • 10/18 • 11/1
Shaw Yoga
1311 Naylor Ct NW
Washington, DC 20009


Month 1: Nourishment

FRIDAY 6/7 | 7:45PM-9:45PM

It is really easy in our modern world to go, go, go. To keep pushing harder, moving faster, and wanting more. And while it's important to keep growing and evolving, it's vital to do so from a place of deep nourishment.

To grow in a way that's sustainable and truly honoring, you must first learn to listen to your needs and provide for them. It's about being a good parent to yourself, and using that as your foundation for everything else. Nourishment goes beyond food, movement, rest - it includes grounding practices, connection with loved ones, time in nature, and allowing yourself to retain your energy rather than spending all your energy. Let’s explore this together.


Month 2: Tending Time

FRIDAY 7/12 | 7:45PM-9:45PM

We have been taught that time is finite, that there is a beginning and end, and that we just need to learn to manage time better. But time is a continuum. While we may see cycles of life, seasons, hours, days, weeks, months, and years - time continues beyond what we perceive as the beginning and end of the cycles.

The truth is, time is relative and it comes from your experience: how you perceive it and allow yourself to feel it in your body and your whole self. Let’s explore this together.


Month 3: Sensuality

Friday 8/2 | 7:45PM-9:45PM

Often in today's world, we hear the focus on one's sensual experience being about physical touch, and sexual expression in relationship with another.

The truth is that all of life is foreplay. Your sensual experience is not just the warm up to sexual expression, or the appetizer opening up the appetite before the main event of the meal. When we allow ourselves to soften, and be more present - life can be the entire feast of the senses. Your sensuality is literally the experience of your senses, and to awaken sensually is to open up your awareness and receptivity of your senses. Let’s explore this together.


Month 4: Creativity

Friday 9/6 | 7:45PM-9:45PM

You are a creative being. However you define creativity, you co-create your experience with life: envisioning things with your vision and intuition, making things with your hands through words, food, images, touch, creating the environment through design, your energy, mood, and physical movement.

Bring your energy to what creative expressions that make you feel most alive! Remember that you always have the power of choice to shift and change in the present moment, you can choose what you feel is best for you – choosing what revitalizes your energy and gives you nourishment + pleasure. Let’s explore this together.


Month 5: Wholeness

Friday 10/18 | 7:45PM-9:45PM

This month's topic is wholeness: "I am enough + I have enough." It is not unusual to embody a state of scarcity and feel a bit wobbly in the embodiment of “I have enough.” In this work, it’s important to trust yourself, listen to what you need, and focus on your physical and energetic embodiment, rather than putting the focus solely on intellectually processing. Let’s explore this together.


Month 6: Gratitude

Friday 11/1 | 7:45PM-9:45PM

As you navigate the shifts, openings, and challenges in life, it can be so easy to jump to a place of acknowledging all that you *still* want to do, or the *more* that you wish you had done, or being critical on yourself for what you *could* or *should* have done more of. This is a chance to feel a deep appreciation for yourself just as you are, right here, right now. Let’s explore this together.