Today I want to share my big personal news with you!

I am moving to DC! At the end of March I will be moving from NYC to DC to live with my love, Eddy.

A wonderful benefit of this big move is that I will also be moving closer to my family – and will be able to spend more time with my mom, my dad & sister. It means so much to me to embrace each moment with my mom as her health declines with Alzheimer’s disease.

Amidst my excitement about this big move I have also experienced some major fear and anxiety.

After living in NYC for the past 12 years and building this wonderful community here I am also so sad to leave.

While I will continue to teach clients virtually through Skype sessions and will return to teach workshops it is hard to consider letting go of all that is familiar here.

Transitions are tough – and it can be so hard to be in the middle of the unknown.

As someone who loves having a plan, a consistent routine, and feeling grounded :: thinking about and anticipating this move has been a big growing experience.

If you are in transition, learning your new role as a mother, planning a move yourself, changing jobs, going through a break up, caring for a loved one who is ill, or any sort of shift in your life I share my experience with you in hopes that it will help you tend to yourself through the passage.

Wishing you radiant health,

xo Frances


Transformation through Transition

All changes big and small are moments of transition. Some are way more stressful than others, and often times there is a big learning curve for how to take care of yourself through all the shifts.

Count your blessings:

  • Express Gratitude

Going through change or loss can bring up the feelings of fear that things will not work out as you wished and it’s easy to fall into a scarcity mindset. I have found when I reflect on what I am grateful for and either write it down or share it with someone I trust then I feel more hopeful. It helps me feel more full in my heart and that it is possible to attract more joy, love and prosperity.

  • Celebrate the people, things & activities you love

I have found it so helpful to make a priority to spend time with the people that I love, do the things that make me feel whole, elevate my self-care. Simple things like taking time for tea with a girlfriend, making a phone call to a loved-one, doing a face mask, dancing to a song in my kitchen, getting to the classes that I love or taking advantage of special events in the city.

Embrace the Unknown:

  • Let things get messy & mysterious

I love love love planning. And this has been a challenging one for me to not be clear on what my life is going to look like on the “other side” of my move. I have begun to feel more and more freedom in letting go of needing to know what my life and business will be like. It feels good to allow myself to discover more of who I am, what my community needs, and what my work and relationships will be like through the process. And sometimes that has meant being vulnerable & emotional.

  • Be Open

Being open to receive is one of the biggest pieces that I am constantly returning to. I am really appreciating hearing what private clients want, getting insights from colleagues, receiving help and advice from friends and family. To be open is the easiest way to be uplifted.

  • Small Steps

Small steps make a big difference. By chunking up responsibilities or things on your to do list into small tasks then it makes it much easier to get things accomplished and far easier to face challenging experiences. There is a Quaker saying that I grew up with that I keep returning to – The Way Will Open. I find it helpful to take one small step after another with faith that there will be more and more clarity and ease with each step.