I am so glad to that you are a part of this community.

Before I dive into this Mindful Monday, and how deeply supportive breathing room can be, I want to thank you all so much for your thoughtful messages.

I really appreciating all of your positive wishes for me and my parents. It has been so wonderful to reconnect with all of you through this major transition.

Transitions can be challenging. And they can be stressful.

When you are facing a transition do you feel ::

  • simultaneously grieving what could have been while anticipating what is to come?!
  • disconnected from yourself and numb to what your body is feeling?
  • overwhelmed by new information and details?

Wherever you are in your life you are facing some sort of change from one state to another ::

  • Transitioning from the slow pace of Summer to the busy action of Fall
  • Getting back into your groove at work from time on vacation
  • Finding your new rhythm with the kids returning to School
  • Discovering a new role or position in your life

During transition and change do you have enough room to breathe comfortably?

It can be so easy to pack our schedules and go – go – go from the beginning of the day to our last waking moments.

I have shared with you how over the past 4 months I have been creating space for myself as life has gotten busier than I ever could have imagined.

I learned  on a much deeper level a lesson that I have learned before about how important it is to have time to breathe – whether it be breathing deeply through movement or to just pause and take a full breath.

Right now, at this moment is the perfect opportunity to create space for yourself to have breathing room.

Consider breathing room to be a sacred pause. A moment – where you let yourself really fully be where you are.

In my private sessions with my clients I think of myself as holding the space for my clients to have Breathing Room – the opportunity for them to have the room to pause and connect inwards fully through movement and their breath.

Imagine how taking a sacred pause throughout your day and providing yourself breathing room could influence how you move through your everyday – as well as whatever transition you are going through right now.

My invitation to you this week:
Develop a mindfulness of your Breathing
1. Right now, wherever you are sitting or standing – take note of how you are breathing.
2.Then Practice a 3-Part Breath

  • First exhale completely
  • Then inhale into your low abdomen, pause
  • Continue to inhale into your ribcage, pause
  • Continue inhaling all the way up into your chest
  • Then exhale completely
  • You may want to Repeat this 3 Times

3. Throughout your day, check in with yourself and observe your breathing – especially in moments that you are feeling rushed or stressed. Take a moment to practice this 3-Part Breath and notice any shifts in sensations that you feel.

My hope is that this practice can bring you a sense of feeling connected to yourself. May this help you dissolve overwhelm and tap into feeling calm, centered, focused, clear, refreshed, and happy!

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Wishing you radiant health,

xo Frances

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