In case you missed my last email, I wanted to remind you that the opportunity to apply and join the Dynamic Woman Mastery are available until March 14.
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Plus, between now and the 14th, I’m offering anyone who joins the program a 30-minute private VIP Virtual intensive session.
This session is a unique opportunity to get my personal attention on you and your body and exactly what is blocking you from your most important desires for your health and life. You’ll get clarity on simple action steps, and practice exercises to integrate this shift into your body and mind.


Why am I going out of my way to include this?

Because my desire is for you to become an embodied woman who is leading her life from her core intentions.


And I want to make the decision to join me easy for you.

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The Dynamic Woman Mastery is a 6-month program where I teach you the small simple steps to master being present in your life and to stay connected to your self and your body at the deepest level.
In short, you’ll be transformed inside and out.

Imagine effortlessly holding loving boundaries to take back your time and energy.


Imagine feeling like a powerful leader in your family, career, and beyond, because you feel grounded and centered and clear in who you are.

More importantly, imagine having the confidence to be profoundly connected to your intuition and body wisdom in your everyday life.

Imagine using this fuller awareness to minimize anxiety and stress to move through your day with more ease and organization.


You’ll spend 6 months with me and other amazing women creating this for yourself.

Only 3 places remain open for the program, with the bonus private VIP virtual intensive session. If you’ve been thinking about registering, now is the time!

Calls to apply to join are available until March 14th.


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It would be an honor to guide you.

With love,

p.s. As much as I’d love to, I can’t add any more spots when this program is full, and there are only 3 spots left! Click here to book your time with me now.