Dynamic Core Pilates

Pilates is a method of exercise which focuses on developing a strong core. The workout can be tailored to your needs and goals. I incorporate functional movement into the workout and address any imbalances you may have in your body to create balance, strength and flexibility.

Private Pilates in the Studio & Virtual Home Sessions

Sessions are available as Private Virtual Pilates sessions in the convenience of your own home as well as in-person at a private Studio space located in Dupont Circle, DC. In-home Private Virtual sessions are mat-based workouts with the challenge of your own body weight and small props. Private sessions in-person at the studio use the Pilates apparatus which incorporates springs for resistance and assistance in the workout.

Prenatal & Postpartum Pilates

Frances specializes in teaching prenatal and postpartum Pilates and she is an expert in abdominal rehabilitation and Diastasis Recti prevention. She is certified in the Tupler Technique. Frances has been honored to focus on training women during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond for the past 8 years.

Pilates is a safe method of exercise during pregnancy and postpartum  that can help you stay in shape and relieve aches and pains you may be experiencing in pregnancy. As your body is steadily changing there may be concerns about what kind of exercise is safe and how to keep your shape.  You will enjoy a personalized program including focused core work, dynamic toning exercises, and gentle stretches. Pilates will help you maintain your shape, prepare for labor and delivery, and have a quicker recovery.

Contact Frances to schedule a Pilates Session or for inquiries.

Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice is required if you are unable to attend your appointment. Full payment is expected if cancellation is made within less than 24 hours.