You’ve been overextended.

You’ve been disconnected from your body and your sense of self.

You’ve been rocked by the transitions & traumas of being a mama.

And at your core, you know you are not meant to be broken down.

Feeling out-of-shape and out-of-balance doesn’t have to be the norm of motherhood.

If you know it’s time for a shift,
If you want to feel strong and love how you look,
If you want to feel empowered and energized…

Dynamic Mama was designed for you.

“Before I began Dynamic Mama, I was too busy to focus on any type of workout routine and I felt uncentered and exhausted. Thanks to Fran and this program, I now have a movement practice that I love, a balanced perspective on my life, and a more quieted mind.

– Shannon Saxon

This intimate, 9-week program is based on the principle that when you start to connect to your  body, discover your physical strength, and learn how to stand tall and move with grace, you are then able to move strongly, powerfully, and gracefully in all areas of your life.

It’s delivered in the format of weekly group sessions that combine mindful movement, Pilates, & empowerment coaching for motivated mamas & mamas-to-be. 

What’s possible in the Dynamic Mama program:

Physical Alignment and Core Strength:

  • Learn exercises to stretch & align
  • Feel more space in your body and peace in your mind
  • Get rid of your lower belly pooch
  • Heal Diastasis Recti and other abdominal & pelvic imbalances
  • Learn how to carry your baby while also maintaining your core
  • Improve your posture to stand tall & confident
  • Eliminate painful sex
  • Stop peeing your pants

Sustainable Habits for Your Life:

  • Feel spacious in your body and peaceful in your mind
  • Strengthen your new mama body as you build a personal practice you can do anytime
  • Practice simple exercises to help you have sustained energy throughout the day
  • Feel beautiful, sexy and incredibly confident in your own skin
  • Love how you feel in your clothes & what you see in the mirror
  • Clear your mind and feel more positive
  • Align your body and align with your core desires

“Before Dynamic Mama my mind was cluttered with back-to-work noise and my body was tense and tight from lifting the baby, carrying the baby and not stretching (or focusing on my own relaxation). Since working with Fran I have learned to focus on my core, understanding how to pull in my energy and strengthen different sections of my body, isolating muscles I didn’t even know were tight! Yes, this is a great class to get your body to feel like it’s “yours” again!

– Jennifer Briggs

What’s included in the program:

  • 8 – 1hr intimate group sessions progressively building upon each other
  • Personal attention and guidance from Fran to help you adapt the material to your unique body and lifestyle
  • Full body workouts to feel more flexible, aligned, and stronger in both your body and your life. 
  • Core strengthening and Pelvic Floor exercises to feel empowered and whole again
  • Breathing exercises to feel clear headed, centered & create more space in your body
  • Real conversations about real solutions for what is going on with your body through pregnancy postpartum & beyond.
  • At-home practice guidelines that you can use to cultivate your own routine and build upon your self-care.
  • A circle of like-minded mamas to share & support your journey so you know you aren’t alone in your experience.

There’s space for 14 women in this powerful group program.

Thursdays 12pm-1:15pm 

Dates of group classes: October 13, 20, 27, November 3, 10, 17, Dec 1, 8
(no session November 24)


Dupont Circle Yoga2032 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Dynamic Mama is closed for enrollment.

If you know this program is for you, but you missed the chance to sign up, join the Dynamic Mama community by clicking below to see if there is still a possible space available, and to make sure you are first in line next time enrollment opens.

“When my second child was born, I was anxious to give my core muscles a headstart at pulling themselves together again. I had not exercised much during my second pregnancy, and was a bit nervous it would take longer to get back into shape again. I also had a C-section, so I was starting at zero in terms of core strength.


Through my work with Fran, I reconnected with my core muscles! Our work together, over time, built some great strength – which I noticed during our sessions and in everyday movements, as well as when I felt my stomach muscles (not soft anymore!).  I also built a better awareness of my movements and how they are all connected: how things going on in my feet or knee can impact how other muscles have to compensate, what that does to their strengths/weaknesses, and how it can lead to pain and/or injury.


Fran is a great coach. She has an exceptionally calm presence, and is thoughtful and creative about the exercises and sequences she chooses.
– Alison Paul

Are you ready to stop putting yourself on the backburner?

It’s so easy to say that you will take care of yourself and make these changes later,
but let’s face it:

Later never comes because you are a busy mama.

NOW is the time to create the space for you that you’ve been craving.

NOW is the time to focus on yourself so that you can be more present and loving with your family and communities.

I’ve done everything possible to make this experience as simple and effective as possible for you. I know you have limited time and I want you to get the most of it.
All you have to do is say yes to yourself.

Dynamic Mama is closed for enrollment.

If you know this program is for you, but you missed the chance to sign up, join the Dynamic Mama community by clicking below to see if there is still a possible space available, and to make sure you are first in line next time enrollment opens.

I felt very distant and unfamiliar with my body in a way that I had never before experienced. Since working with Fran in Dynamic Mama I am now very in tune with my body. I am now able to identify strengths and most importantly weakness, which I can now work to improve. I would want other women to know that Fran is extremely knowledgeable about the female from before, during, and after pregnancy. She is empathetic and passionate to empower women in relation to their bodies.

– Amy Cova