I have had a love for physical movement for as long as I can remember. I love the mental and physical challenge of learning how to physically do something, and feel most alive when being active and connecting with the natural environment. My current pursuits are running, yoga, surfing, Pilates, cycling, and salsa & swing dancing. My passion for healthy living really began when as a teenager my mom was diagnosed with Melanoma. Observing the diagnosis and invasive treatment made me aware of the impact our environment and lifestyle can have on our health, and the importance of prevention. Ever since I have been on a continual quest to learn natural and non-invasive alternative methods for staying healthy and promoting longevity of health. It is my passion to share what I learn so that others can live their lives to the fullest.

I first discovered how much I love teaching when I became a Hang Gliding Instructor on the Jockey’s Ridge sand dunes in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was while I was teaching people how to fly that I was inspired by the joy and excitement people would experience when their feet left the ground. I love empowering people to feel joy through movement and supporting them to take on their dreams.  I bring this into my teaching today through creating fun and challenging workouts for my clients and supporting them in their goals.

My purpose in life is to experience joy and fulfillment and my mission to accomplish this is by inspiring and teaching people to realize their greatest potentiality through both my consulting & teaching (privately and in group presentations), my relationships, and my sharing the joy of movement and awareness of self. I want to inspire others to discover what is possible with the choice they have in the harmony of their life and health, and inspire them to pay forward what they have learned.


  • Certified Pilates instructor from the Kane School of Core Integration in New York.
  • Certification in Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise by Debbi Goodman, MSPT
  • Qualified Tupler Technique Instructor
  • Continued education studying the female pelvis and pelvic floor with Leslie Howard
  • Certification in Foot Fitness by Yamuna Body Rolling
  • Continued education studying anatomy and movement Irene Dowd
  • Internationally Certified Independent Nikken Consultant
  • B.A. Sarah Lawrence College.
  • Co-creator of Sarah Lawrence Vegetarian Cooperative focusing on healthy living
  • Certified Hang Gliding Instructor

My mission is to empower you by teaching you to connect deeply to your Dynamic Core, how to have a healthy body & home so that you may live your life to its fullest and together we can inspire a healthier world. Having Dynamic Core Wellness from the inside out means that:

You listen inward to the needs of your body and make choices to support a healthy body. Take care of your body today so that you can keep feeling good for years to come. When you take care of your body it helps you feel your best and perform at your best. This impacts your mood, outlook on life, your relationships, your work, everything you do and radiates outward.

You make your living environment one that supports your natural core needs so that you live in a healthy home. Transform your home into a healthy healing environment. Improve your quality of life by removing allergens, toxins, and chemicals from your home. A healthy home promotes longevity of health and makes a real difference in your daily life.

You take action to help support a healthy world. When we care for ourselves we can give more to others and together we can care for our planet and create a healthier world. Caring for a healthy planet for future generations, helps make a healthy world for us all.