You’ve been overextended.

You’ve been disconnected from your body and your sense of self.

You’ve been saying YES too much, when you really want to be saying NO.

What if I told you that feeling exhausted and out-of-balance doesn’t have to be the norm?

When it’s time for a shift.

When you want to feel strong and centered.

When you crave energy and peace of mind.

The Dynamic Woman Mastery program takes you on specially curated journey through 3 specific phases, each designed to align your physical body, energetic systems, and daily life. It’s like having a personal Pilates instructor, life coach, and community of support all wrapped into one sweet package…all so that you can feel more confident, centered, and strong, and open up your ability to receive more love and goodness in your life.

Before working with Fran I was feeling lethargic and heavy in the mornings, was struggling against a lot of negative self-talk telling myself I was lazy, never could commit to anything, and had no discipline with creating routines and daily rituals for myself. Dynamic Woman Mastery created a safe space, a tight community of women each on a different part of their journey. Fran is a gifted guide for women exploring physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. I gained an incredible amount of self-compassion, confidence, and loving kindness toward myself and others.

– Rachel Gooze

What’s possible in Dynamic Woman Mastery

Physical & Energetic Alignment and Core Strength:

  • Commit to yourself and what you want for your body and well-being. For real!
  • Feel confident, integrated and whole
  • Set boundaries in a loving way so that you can take back your time and energy
  • Be in rhythm in your body and all it’s cycles
  • Be at peace with where you have control and where you don’t
  • Make a shift and change in your own body, which becomes an opportunity to stand in your power when you are in leadership roles in your family, career, and beyond.

Sustainable Habits for Your Life:

  • Minimize anxiety and overwhelm
  • Get clear on the action steps that will support you in your goals, especially the goals that keep getting put to the backburner
  • Move through the day with more ease and organization
  • Feel renewed inspiration about possibilities and get excited about what you want to create
  • Develop more intimacy with yourself and others
  • Get your needs fulfilled, even when it feels like there’s no room or time
  • Enjoy simple pleasures

Here’s what you’ll receive in the program:

  • A sisterhood circle of like-minded women to share & support your journey so you know you aren’t alone in your experience.
  • A Mix of reflective journaling along with movement practices as a very powerful practice of ridding negative energy and allowing your body to feel a sense of strength, release and renewal
  • Real conversations about real solutions for what is going on with your body on and off the mat.
  • Personal attention and guidance from Fran to help you adapt the material to your unique body and lifestyle
  • Full body workouts to feel more flexible, aligned, and stronger in both your body and your life.
  • Core strengthening and Pelvic Floor exercises to feel empowered, whole, and integrate your strength from head to toe.
  • Breathing exercises to feel clear headed, centered & create more space in your body
  • At-home practice guidelines that you can use to tap into your strength and body’s wisdom to cultivate your own routine, increase your energy, and build upon your self-care.

Here’s what’s included in the program:

(6) 2-hour Dynamic Woman Group Intensives – introducing/exploring each phase of the program and diving into the themes of the month. All group intensives will be held in-person in a beautiful space in Dupont Circle.

(15) 75-minute Developing Group Sessions progressively building upon each other, reinforcing the focus of the month so week by week you deepen the alignment of your physical body, energetic systems, and daily life. All group sessions will be held in-person in a beautiful space in Dupont Circle.

(2) 30-minute private phone calls to be scheduled at beginning of program to establish goals and structure & near end of program to support your next steps.

VIP rates for add-on private sessions and coaching calls as an optional addition for more 1-on-1 time with Fran throughout your program.

Spring Dynamic Core 1-Day Retreat in DC. During the spring retreat we will gather with women in the Dynamic Core community diving in deep to create powerful intentions, using introspective journaling, rituals & experiential practices to shift habits, and plant seeds for what you want to initiate & cultivate through the rest of the year.

Private Facebook Group for connection with like-minded women in the group so you can deepen your mastery together, continue conversations between sessions, and gain support from each other as you are making profound shifts in your body, mind, family and community.

Your happiness and strength in your life, starts with how you relate to your body.

Imagine going beyond your typical exercise class, and instead having a dedicated focus on what you are embodying physically and energetically.

Imagine seeing a huge difference in your physical body, in the way you hold yourself, in how you feel about yourself, and in how you show up in your life.

If that’s what you want, Dynamic Woman Mastery was designed for you.